Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Oh, How the Mighty Fall

Just remember this the next time you think that your iPhone or Android is the best and that it will never ever be a turd: in 2000, Nokia's market cap was worth over $245B (with a B) and the industry was still abuzz of the infamous meetings between Bill Gates and Jorma Ollila, which pushed Nokia to form and launch Symbian. Today, Microsoft, not necessarily at the top of its game, acquired the Devices and Services business at Nokia for $5B and some access to patents for $2.2B.

10 years (maybe even 6 years ago) ago, if I had told you that Nokia would have to buy Symbian to keep it alive before eventually ditching it and licensing Microsoft Windows, then Microsoft would buy Nokia to keep it alive, you would have thought me the fool. Oh, an Blackberry is on the block for sale for pennies on the dollar.

That would have been hard to believe, but change happens. Over and over. It will happen again. As Ray Noorda said: "Cause change and lead, accept change and survive, resist change and die."

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