Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Most Fortunate Person in the World

One man's pittance is another's fortune.  While I might not have been happy with the quality of the pizza I ate Friday night out with the family, for many in our communities, that pizza might have been the only meal they would have had all day.  Maybe, for several days.  It puts things in perspective.  Mine are first-world problems, when many here in North America suffer what we would consider third-world problem, but the awareness of the issue is low.

Andre Angel of TangoTab, Jay Ratliff and Cliff Geathers of the Dallas Cowboys at Minnie's Food Pantry
As we approach summer, the problems of hunger in North America get more difficult.  Food bank shelves are challenged.  Many kids who rely on school meal programs no longer know where food will come from some days.

Last month, we took the kids and friends to see the opening of the Calatrava bridge in downtown Dallas.  As we drove on the highway, the bolt on the bike rack came off and a bicycle flew off the rack to oncoming traffic behind us.  It happened in an instant, and we were in panic.  As we pulled off the road and looked back, we were amazed at our fortune.  All the cars avoided the unintended projectile.  No one was hurt.  Even my son's bike survived unscathed.  I still can't believe it, but I am so thankful that nothing bad happened.

Accidents happen to people all the time.  The recession has humbled and hurt many.  You may never know, because they hide their troubles behind their pride.

Look in the mirror.  Count your fortunes in small denominations and be happy and appreciative every day.  Others are not as fortunate, but we can do very easy, simple things to help them.

Donate.  Volunteer.  Use free services like TangoTab, and help feed the hungry, just by dining out like you normally do.  You will feel wealthy regardless of your financial status.