Saturday, March 2, 2013

Foodie Sleuth

Miss your old-school Whole Foods challah bread?  Us, too.

We missed it so much, we ask "what the what" happened overnight to the delicious, soft challah that we bought weekly.  It was great to crap overnight.  We were told, quite kindly, that Whole Foods shut down their local Dallas bakery and were now shipping their breads up from Houston.   Figures.  What the ef do Houstonians know about bread?

Your friend in baking
Well, we lamented for a few months, and it occurred to me that the Dallas location of the Whole Foods bakery was still open and active.  Except, it was no longer called Whole Foods Bakery, it was called the Village Baking Company.

So, I informed the Mrs. Yonks of this serendipitous discovery and low-and-behold: they bake awesome bread.  The esteemed Mrs. says she will no longer buy bread elsewhere.  And, this, solely from partaking in their scrumptious Ham Croissants and French Baguette.

Moral of the story: don't accept second rate bread and definitely get pissed when someone takes away your challah.  Good things comes to those that dig.