Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lead by Error

I've been off the blog wagon for several weeks, and it's not for lack of interesting stuff to talk about, just that life in the startup has been all-occupying.  We've made amazing progress, yet, I keep looking up and the mountain is not getting smaller.  Yes, this is actually fun!

As with any multi-person venture, large corporation down to small startups, leadership is important.  Setting a vision.  Clear goals.  Passion.  Mentoring and improving the team.  Honest, data-based assessments.  Leading by example.

One of the most difficult leadership skills is admitting mistakes.  We always want our kids to tell the truth, admit their mistakes and clean up their messes.  To lead well, you need to admit when you err, correct it and move on.

Our employees are like our kids, and they don't necessarily learn from what we tell them.  They more often learn and inherit traits from what they see us do every day.

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