Saturday, November 12, 2011

"Me" Time

At ad:tech this week, Christine Cook (@cooktine), SVP of Advertising at The Daily, spoke on one of my Tablets in Marketing sessions, and talked about how their subscribers make significant amounts of "personal primetime" for The Daily, usually after dinner.  This, along with the fact that their content expires, increasing its contextual value, fascinated me.  For me, since kids, I've often lamented the loss of "me time" or "nothing time".  I never realized how much of it that I had, until I didn't have it.

The Daily
I hardly remember it now.  Some days, I did absolutely nothing.  Nothing.  Quite proud of it, actually.  I don't know how it even works anymore.  The "me time", though, is slowing reappearing.

The kids are 8 and 5 now, and its seems like Sunday mornings are coming back.  Tati and I will stare at each other, while drinking coffee and reading the Sunday Times, which is a great tune by Loudon Wainwright III, and just be amazed.  The occasional fight breaks out, so it's important to read the thicker sections first, because they are more powerful when you roll them up.

So, for you parents who also struggle to remember what "me time" is, grab your iPad and subscribe to The Daily.  It will magically reappear.  And, for you DINCs thinking about having children.  It's great.  Just go on a movie binge the weekend before labor, and take a strong mental snapshot of your "nothing time". It's about to go away.

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