Sunday, October 23, 2011

Spicy Margarita Pub Crawl

Replace you regular, boring pub crawl with a Spicy Margarita Pub Crawl.  The idea is to go to each spot that serves a different spicy margarita, sit at the bar, order an appetizer and a margarita.  Enjoy, move to the next one.  Rince.  Repeat.

Here's a couple in the Dallas area, that I know of, to start you out:
1. Komali: Habanero Martini and Queso Fundido with Rajas y Chorizo.  I love their Habanero Martini (it's a margarita) a lot.  None of these spicy margaritas are painful spicy, just enough of an extra kick to make it addictive.
2. Abacus: Spicy Mango Margarita and Lobster Shooters.  The Lobster Shooters are enough of a reason to stop in, and I have to say, after trying their rolls for the first time recently, the Picasso rolls are awesome.
3. Stephan Pyles: Spicy Passion Fruit Margarita and Southwestern Caesar Salad.  The passion fruit margarita did not sound as tempting as the others on the list, but it surprised and was very good.  The masa croutons on the salad are awesome.  The kind of thing you don't feel like sharing.

And, lastly, its sad to say that the spicy margaritas at Alma are no longer an option.  It just opened this year, but it's recently closed, to my dismay.  They served very good food (awesome tres leches!) and drinks, always seemed to be full, but something must not have worked out.  Maybe they can serve the same spicy margarita at their sister restaurants Porch and Victor Tango, down the street.

Go ahead and try it out.  Take a taxi to make it easier.

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