Saturday, October 22, 2011


My pedestal is not so tall now that ranting online will result in anything positive, but after walking out of the local Apple store yesterday, frustrated, I have write about it.  It is the first time I have every walked out of an Apple store upset and disappointed by poor customer service.

Back in May, I was traveling a lot and my iPhone's home button stopped working reliably.  So, I made an appointment at the Genius bar to have them take a look.  My Genius listened to me, plugged it in to run some diagnostics, and said it was not the hardware, but I had some software on the phone that was slowing it down.  He prescribed that I wipe out my phone completely and reinstall everything, not restore from backup.  So sorry that all of your app contexts would be lost.  That will solve it.

It didn't.  I only realize now that he was guessing.

Fast forward to yesterday, when after having the same issue, I was able to clear off Friday afternoon to run back down to the Apple store to let them know it was still an issue.  First, the Genius told me that he would replace the phone, but that I need to get into a habit of killing all the apps that were running and restarting my phone weekly.  I can imagine Steve Jobs rolling in his grave as he uttered these words.

I was a little incredulous.  I told him, as someone who manages developers that develop for iOS and having done some iOS development myself, that this surprised me, since the way iOS multitasking works that app processes are suspended in the background and not active.  He began to backpedal and started to process my return quicker.  Then, he realized that I was no longer in warranty, so it would cost me $149 to replace it.  I wasn't going to pay.  I was more upset about him trying to BS me than having to pay for a replacement.

I asked him why that when I came in earlier in the year when I was in warranty, and the advice I was given to solve it was wrong, that I am held responsible for that?  He said it was too far out of warranty now.  I admit easily that I should not have waited so long.  I travel too much and work too much, so my time at home is precious.  Getting in there today was a big deal.  Still, letter of the law, he is in the right.

As I walked out, having done what this Genius prescribed, I easily reproduced the issue again, where the phone locked up for over a minute.  I walked back in to let him know, for the next schlep that asks him for help, that his remedy did not work.

He apologized, and I walked out.  No responsibility for their ineptness in support, though.  So disappointed.


  1. I like the italicization of Genius

  2. Hey, that's what they are called. You can draw your own conclusions...