Monday, October 24, 2011

Mobile Lovers

Nothing will get my wife more riled up then when we are out on date night, and there's a table nearby, with a similar couple, but they both are looking at their mobile phones as opposed to talking with each other.  Make me giggle actually.

I always imagine them texting each other.

Female: "ur really making me hot, 2nite!"
Male: "yea, u 2"
Female: "what are u gonna order?"
Male: "dunno, maybe the steak?  u?"

I've actually been at a restaurant, where a couple had their laptops out on the table, across from each other.  Really?  I mean, I guess you could just be there for the sustenance, but that's a little extreme, don't you think?

Different strokes for different folks.  Hey, I've been caught my fair share of times, checking a score, or texting someone at a meal, so I'm no saint.

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