Monday, November 7, 2011

Yo' Momma!

Having worked in technology-related pursuits for over 21 years, I often use the "my mom test" with my work.  I mean, does Bubs "get it?"  I've worked on enough cool new projects that have never made it to the shelf that I figure if my mom does not understand what I'm working on, there's a higher probability that others won't, and its really not the shizzle.

It's not to say that, with new technology, early adopters won't like something and create the buzz that later the "my moms of the world" love.  But for the love of all that's holy, I want my mom to at least understand, in some broad sense, what it is I do.  It's not nuclear physics, for Pete's sake.  I mean, who knows what she's telling her friends at the bridge game?

So, the next time that you're gearing up to pitch a VC on that new service that is like Facebook crossed with Instagram with a built in gamification like Angry Birds, test it out on your momma, first.  Sometimes, momma really does know best.

Come see me and other industry leaders from Sam's Club, BBC America, The Daily, Ogilvy & Mather, Nutro, The Weather Channel, and Starcom Mediavest talk about tablets in marketing at ad:tech New York City next Thursday at 3:00PM Eastern and 4:30PM Eastern.  If you can't make it, tell a friend, and I will think of you while enjoying NYC!

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