Tuesday, November 29, 2011

When Mobile Stole Xmas

From the initial indicators, mobile is having a distinct impact this holiday shopping season.  With online sales growing almost 40% during Thanksgiving, mobile traffic almost tripled!  iPad and iPhone traffic alone accounted for 10.2% of Black Friday traffic, according to a report from IBM Coremetrics.  There are recommendations for apps to load to simplify or make holiday shopping better.  Holiday couch commerce is born.

The important point for most retailers and consumer package goods companies to realize is that mobile, even more than traditional PC, has an impact all the way through the consumer journey: from awareness through loyalty.   Sometimes the shopping experience might start with the PC web or tablet or even the mobile, if the consumer is on-the-go, but can be finished through any other channel, often in store.   For what can be controlled, it's important that the experience is holistic, and the consumer state is passed seamlessly from one channel to the next to continually crown the customer and make them feel special.

There's no one-sized-fits-all strategy for mobile, as many consumers start with web or mobile search and end in the store.  However each consumer uses mobile this holiday shopping season, one point is clear: consumers don't leave home without it.

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