Sunday, November 20, 2011

Family Meal

As we all wrap our work to depart on our family adventures for Thanksgiving, it made me think of the great meals that I have had.  While there have been some good food that I have had, while traveling, alone, all the good meals have been with friends and family.

Thanksgiving with family at Uncle Eddie's in Rockaway Beach.  Bad Excuse Dinners in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress with friends.  That 9-course meal with Tatiana our first time in Paris together a La Table d'Anvers.  Team dinner at Doug's house, when he would flex his culinary skills with Northern Italian cuisine.  In New York City, with Bubs, at the Spice Market, when she had a childhood neighbor walk in and surprise me.

I love food.  It just taste better with friends and family.

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

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