Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Missing Link for Mobile Calendars

When we look back at our calendar applications years from now, we will likely classify the current class at Cro-Magnon.  Not quite as bad as the Neanderthal species we worked with 10 years ago, but still a far cry from the sophistication we deserve.  Well, at least, that I deserve...

More seriously, it amazes me to think that calendar apps are still not location aware.  Now, I know many people do not religiously use their calendar like I do.  They don't necessarily fill in the location field.  If they do, they may not consistently enter location data.  Some locations might be internal rooms in big, nasty office buildings.  Detail, details.

The reality is there are really useful things a calendar could do, if it was location-aware.  It could estimate the time you needed to go between two appointments, and warn you if you have not left enough time to travel.  It could automatically fetch your travel directions for you between two appointments.  It could understand time zones automatically.  It could understand whether I am anywhere near my next appointment and help me take corrective action, if I have lingered too long in the bar before my dinner with the client, for example.

So, for the love of everything holy, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo...make your calendar apps location aware, once-and-for-all, and save me from missing another client meeting.  It's the Homo Sapien thing to do.  Thank you, wherever you are.

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